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Unit 5 Paper Outline Assignment
Paper Topics: Cognitive Dissonance and Attitude Changes
Attached Files:

PSY102 Paper Outline Assignment and Rubric_2018.pdf 

Prior to writing your course paper in paragraph form, you will create an outline for your paper.  The outline should be organized similarly to the sample outline provided in the attached document.  Your outline should have an Introduction section, Body section, and Conclusion section.  The Body section should be organized according to themes you will discuss in your paper.  The scholarly sources you are using must be included in the sections in which you plan to discuss their content.Refer to the attached assignment document for full details and grading rubric.  The attached outline document provides an example of an outline. 

Due: by 11:59pm EST on Sunday at the end of Unit 5

Prior to writing your course paper in paragraph form, you will create an outline for your

paper. The outline should be organized similarly to the sample outline provided.

Your outline should have an Introduction section, Body section, and Conclusion section.

The Body section should be organized according to themes you will discuss in your

paper. The scholarly sources you are using must be included in the sections in which

you plan to discuss their content.

For additional outline samples, refer to the following site:



Students: Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper/project will be
evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.

Paper Outline Assignment

PSY102 – Fundamentals
of Psychology II



Evaluation Rubric for Paper Outline Assignment

CRITERIA Deficient Development

Proficient Exemplary
to Proficient

0 – 35 points 36- 47 points 48 – 53 points 54 – 60 points

Content Subject matter
is minimally
Outline format
is not used or
is minimal.

Subject matter
is adequately
Outline is
completed but
lacks thematic
detail, and
Body, and
sections lack

Subject matter
is fairly well
Outline is
and specific
examples are
Body, and
sections are
fairly well

Subject matter
is thoroughly
Outline is well
according to
theme and fully
supported with
Body, and
sections are
well organized.

0 – 11 points 12 – 15 points 16 – 17 points 18 – 20 points


One or no
sources are

Two scholarly
sources are

Three scholarly
sources are

Four scholarly
sources are

0 – 11 points 12 – 15 points 16 – 17 points 18 – 20 points

Clear and
writing and

guidelines not

interfere with

Few errors that
do not impede

Writing and
format is clear,
APA compliant,
and error free.

Note: Failure to incorporate feedback from the course paper resources assignment will result in
up to a 10-point grade deduction on this assignment.

Grade: __________________
Student did incorporate feedback


Unit 3 Assignment – Paper Resources Assignment
CeTreiva Whitmore Lockett
Post University
PSY101 – Fundamentals of Psychology
Professor Stephen Eder
July 18, 2021

Paper Topics: Cognitive Dissonance and Attitude Changes
1st Source
Petty, R. E., & Briñol, P. (2015). Emotion and persuasion: Cognitive and meta-cognitive processes impact attitudes. Cognition and Emotion, 29(1), 1-26.

The article discusses how emotions may impact attitudes and persuasion in a variety of ways, including primary and secondary (meta-) cognition. They referred to the elaboration likelihood model of persuasion. The five essential processes occur at distinct stages of the elaboration process. When the breadth of one’s thinking is limited, feelings affect attitudes through relatively simple mechanisms that lead them to change in a way that aligns with the valency of the emotion. Emotions may be used to support a proposal if they are connected to the merits of the advocacy, or they can be used to bias thinking if the emotion precedes the message. Some theories have gone further into these fundamental processes, but none have integrated them into a single framework.
Relationship to topic:
I plan to write on attitudes in my paper. I will talk about how attitudes influence persuasion. The article will describe some of the ways in which attitudes influence persuasion. The next topic I’ll cover is the influence of attitudes and habits on persuasion.

2nd Source
Itzchakov, G., Uziel, L., & Wood, W. (2018). When attitudes and habits don’t correspond: Self-control depletion increases persuasion but not behavior. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 75, 1-10.

This article’s review discusses the influence attitudes and habits have on persuasion. Just because someone’s mindset has shifted does not imply that they have changed their conduct. Attitudes do not always entail the same psychological processes as altering behavior, because social psychology is still in its early stages of understanding the many mechanisms involved. They conducted a three-part study to communicate this insight by demonstrating that the moderators of attitude change are not always the moderators of behavior change. Despite the fact that they conducted three investigations, the results of all three were identical to what they advise.
Relationship to the topic:
I plan to write on attitudes in my article. I’ll be looking into how attitudes affect persuasion. The study demonstrates some of the ways attitudes influence persuasion. Following that, I’ll go through the impact attitudes and behaviors have on one an


Course Paper Outline

Student Name

PSY102: Fundamentals of Psychology II

Psychology Program, Post University

Instructor Name

Due Date

Author Note

Mental disorders are not covered in PSY102 and are

therefore not an appropriate topic for this assignment.

However, this outline still provides a good sample of the

attention to detail required for this assignment, as well as

APA and scholarly source requirements.


Course Paper Outline

A. Introduction

a. Topic sentence: GAD Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) involves persistent worry

for at least 6 months, along with feelings of apprehension about day-to-day events.

This disorder also causes physiological symptoms that effects social and occupational

functioning (Arul, 2016).

b. Those with this disorder are known to be high health care utilizers because they visit

their primary care physician very often (Culpepper, 2014).

c. More than 24 million people ages 15-54 suffer from anxiety disorders, costing the

U.S billions every year (Culpepper, 2014).

d. This is a crisis for the mental health industry because in many cases, anxiety can

effect daily functioning and lead to other problems. It can cause decreased work

productivity, missed days from work, and even unemployment (Culpepper, 2014).

B. Theme 1: Causes

a. Topic sentence: There are different reasons as to why people may develop this


b. One study was conducted of 30 participants with GAD. They were male and female

ages 15-46. They were compared to 30 individuals that did not have this condition.

Several scales were used (Arul, 2016).

c. As a result, those with GAD went through more negative life events than the other

group. Family conflict was the biggest issue, along with marital problems, trouble

with neighbors, and sexual issues (Arul, 2016). This shows that negative life events

may be a possible cause of GAD in some people.


d. Genetics is also a probable cause for this disorder. One’s characteristic level of

anxiety is related to a gene involved in creating serotonin (Feldman, 2015).

e. According to the behavioral perspective, environmental factors causes anxiety.

Psychologists believe anxiety is a learned response to stress (Feldman, 2015).

f. The cognitive perspective suggests that GAD can come from irrational thoughts and

beliefs about circumstances in one’s world. For example, people with anxiety

disorders may view a puppy as a savage pit bull (Feldman, 2015).

C. Theme 2: Symptoms

a. Topic sentence: There are physical and mental components of GAD

b. Physical symptoms include being unable to relax, feeling tense, feeling jumpy,

weakness all over, hands sweating, heart racing, wobbly, blocked speech, sweating all

over, difficulty breathing, hands trembling, nausea, diarrhea, fainting, and feeling to


c. Mental symptoms of GAD include difficulty concentrating, feeling frightened, fear of

losing control, unable to control thoughts, confus

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