For this project, you will be observing your fellow human beings in a public space (for example, a grocery store, a park, at your workplace).  Additionally (or alternatively) because COVID-19 is upon us and gatherings and outings are more limited – your own home may serve for a base of observation for this assignment. If you find that, because of the pandemic restrictions you are not able to sit and observe human interaction and behavior long enough, you may use your observations of characters in film, TV shows, or YouTube videos for this experiment, but the preference is for “real world” situations. Do not put yourself in harms way to do this assignment. The movie/Youtube/tv show thing is a viable alternative. 

Your project will include:

1. A title page: Your title page will include your name, course information, your email address and a unique and interesting title for your observation. You will also list the site(s) of your observations here. 
2. Goals: Start off this assignment by listing 2-3 goals for your observation. What will you be keeping your eyes out for? Maybe you are looking at gender differences in social behavior. Maybe you are wanting to observe social behaviors between members of different ethnic/racial groups. Maybe you are looking at how age seems to factor into people’s behavior. You might list your goals in terms of verbs such as discover, investigate, uncover, detect, or learn. This goals section will be about one page. 
3. Research question: While you are observing, you should have a question or questions in mind – hypotheses based on what you have read/learned in class. For instance, if you are looking at gender differences and are using Youtube videos as your base of operations, you might wonder if male US Olympians react differently to public victories than female US Olympians do. If you are observing in a grocery store, you might ask or wonder if there is an apparent effect of age on one’s likelihood to engage in prosocial or altrustic behavior (like allowing someone to get ahead in line or offering to reach something for someone). Does increased or decreased crowd size seem to help or hurt the performance of your favorite musician (as based on life performances you have seen around the web). If you are at a park, you might ask what demographic is wearing masks or doing a better job at maintaining a six-foot distance? I won’t give too many examples, I want you to be creative, but just to let you know that there really is no wrong answer here. Your research question about a page or a page and a half. If you find you don’t have enough fodder to make a full page or if you worried your observation may be “lite” on material, you can always make more than one observation at more than one site answering different research questions. 
4. Abstracts: Find five abstracts from social psychological articles relating to your research question/observation. You may copy and paste each abstract into the paper, but properly quote and


In this exam, you will be answering 10 short answer questions (most have multiple parts) in your own words. Yes, use your learning resources in the class to review and understand the material, but the goal here is for you to demonstrate your deep understanding of Week 5-8’s topics by explaining them in your way. This isn’t an essay assignment – I’m not assessing your writing ability here. What does matter is that I can tell that you understand the answers to these questions based on you having read the material, discussed it in class, reviewed it for this midterm, and can now explain these concepts from your own knowledge bank (vs. “finding” the answers in the reading). This exam is open book – you can use the reading and our ol’ friend Google to help you. But use examples from your own life when appropriate/when you can, use humor if you want, use straight-forward terminology to write your responses. Each question is worth 10 points. I am not setting a length requirement. Your answers can be however long they need to be to answer the question posed.

I am not a nit-picky grader If you can simply demonstrate that you understand these concepts by answering these questions thoroughly and in your own words you will do well. Just answer all of them and do your best.

You can type your answers directly into the worksheet, save it to your computer, and upload it back to class prior to the deadline for me to review.

1. Describe the factors that lead to an initial attraction between people. Compare and contrast these factors with those that are more associated with deeper interpersonal relationships. In what ways do similarity and complementarity influence whether we like or dislike others?

2. Explain the differences between altruism and helping. How do social psychologists differentiate between the two? Give specific examples of altruism and helping.

3. Explain how guilt, empathy, distress, and mood states affect or influence helping behavior.

4. Explain the terms aggression and violence like a social psychologist would. Support your answer by giving examples of each. Discuss something interesting you have learned about the biological factors associated with aggression.

5. Define the factors that create social groups and explain the concept of social identity – and provide examples of each factor/concept you list. Also, what are the stages of group development and dissolution? Provide a scenario using these stages using a fictional group or one you have been a part of.

6. Give three examples – preferably from your own life experience – (and their associated terms and definitions) of three ways individual performance is affected by the presence of a group.

7. Define and give examples of situations that either increase or decrease competition and/or conflict. Also, compare/contrast distributive justice with procedural justice and provide examples of each.

8. Explain the prisoner’s dilemma game and how it ser

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