Cps Final project 

Clarification Stage of the Final Project

Clarification Stage

Exercise 1: Take Stock

Purpose: To identify strengths and areas for improvement regarding Sheridan’s online experience.



Step 1. On a Miro board,
things that are going well (15) and things that aren’t going so well (15) regarding Sheridan online. Please use stick ‘em up brainstorming (i.e., brainstorming with post-it stickies).


Step 2.
· Rate each idea/issue on a scale of 1-3 and add your rating to each stickie. For example, No online food service (2)

· 1 = low impact, 2 = moderate impact, 3 high impact

Step 3.
your ratings and identify the top 5 most important strengths (things going well) and 5 most important negatives (things that aren’t going so well) – and
them with a dot sticker or an asterisk (*).

Step 4.
your idea list and paste it here
for your master copy of the exercise booklet. Be sure all team member cursors are in the shot.

Step 5.
your top 5 important issues on each side in Table 1 below.
Table 1. Important Issues re: Sheridan Online

Strengths (rating)

Negatives (rating)

Step 6. In Table 1,
your ratings and
the top 3 most important negatives – the things that aren’t going so well and
them with asterisks (*).

Step 7.

Select a single
most important issue
that you wish to take to the Ideation Stage and work on for the rest of this project. Make sure it is from your list of
‘things that aren’t going well’
· In Table 1,
it in some way to signify selection (e.g., Bold it; Highlight it), and
it in Table 2 below. This is your Clarified Problem

Table 2: Clarified Problem

Clarified Problem

Congratulations, you have Clarified an important problem and are ready to proceed to the Ideation Stage. This marks the completion of the Clarify Booklet

Ideation Stage of the Final Project

Ideation Stage of the Creative Problem Solving Process

Exercise 1: Generate possibilities
Now that you have your clarified problem you are set up to generate possible solutions. You are ready for Ideation.
During ideation, you will
· Diverge: Generate many options, and then
· Converge: Narrow possibilities


Step 1. To start, carry over and write your

clarified problem
(from the Clarify booklet) in Table 1 below.
Table 1. Ideation Question

Clarified Problem

Step 2. Using the Stick’em Up brainstorming method (brainstorming with post-it notes), come up with 30 potential solutions (20 if working alone) to your problem:
· Shoot out ideas that could address your challenge
· As you go, write them on sticky notes on your team’s Miro board, and
· Remember to
defer judgement.
(i.e., nod it in, write it down, re-ask the question)
Step 3. Once you have completed your brainstorming,
· Screenshot your

array of ideas

and paste it here for your master copy of the exercise booklet. Be sure that every team member’s Miro cursor is in the shot.


Exercise 2: Narrow options
In the last exercise, you used divergent thinking (i.e. brainstorming) to come up with lots of potential options to address your ideation question.
Next, use convergent thinking to narrow the possibilities.


To start,
Get Organized.

Step 1. On your Miro board, and as a team, sort your ideas into clusters/categories that make sense to you (at least 5 categories)

Step 2. Name each cluster/category, and
· add different coloured post-it notes as
to your categories.
Next, Evaluate.

Step 3. Rate each idea on a scale of 1-5, in terms of IMPACT – how well it would solve your problem. You are rating all 30 ideas on your Miro board. Make sure the ratings are clearly visible.
· Note that a rating of 1 = very low impact, and 5 = very high impact
· For example, “
online ordering and delivery from Tim Hortons 30 minutes before class (4)

Finally, Select.

Step 4. Tag with a dot sticker (or star) the 3 highest rated ideas, and

take a screenshot of your sorted and rated ideas. Be sure that every team member’s Miro cursor is in the shot.


Step 5. Type your three highest rated ideas in Table 2 below.
· This table contains your team’s top 3 ‘short-list’.

Table 2. Short-list of Possibilities (Top 3)

Top 3 Ideas – Short-list of possibilities




Step 6. Select one idea that you believe is the best one – The one idea that you could see yourself recommending or doing yourself.
Circle or bold it
. This is your group’s INNOVATIVE SOLUTION.

Step 7. Retype your INNOVATIVE SOLUTION into Table 3 below.
Table 3. Innovative Solution

Innovative Solution

Complete the Reflections on the following page.

Exercise 3: Reflect
Doing the exercises is a good thing but thinking about what just happened

Final Project Overview – 30% final grade
Project Concept – Clarify a problem and develop an Innovative Solution
How might we improve Sheridan’s Online Learning Experience?
Working in a group of three to six, your challenge is to
develop an implementable pitch by applying Creative Problem Solving over a two-week period – Weeks 10 & 11. Class-time will be devoted to sessions that apply the Clarification and Ideation stages of FourSight. Additional work should be completed outside of class time, however in class time is allotted for collaborative teamwork in the form of two 2-hr FINAL PROJECT LABS during scheduled class time in weeks 10 & 11. Thus, it is
important to attend
these weeks’ virtual labs.
To accomplish this, please:
· Group up in groups of 3-6
· Use Microsoft Word exercise ‘booklets’ to work through the CPS process.
· Follow the exercise booklet instructions and fill in the appropriate content.
· Booklets will be provided on the evening prior to each lab
· Screenshot evidence of your divergent and convergent thinking work done
in the Miro app
. Be sure all members’ cursors are present in the screenshots.
· Create a brief PowerPoint pitch presenting the problem you clarified and innovative solution you produced through your process
· Design a One-pager pitch clearly and professionally summarizing your innovative solution
· Hand in your deliverables via SLATE dropbox


Due Date: Tuesday March 30th 11:59 pm

How you will be evaluated:
A Group Report Pack w/ completed Microsoft Word ‘booklets’ (2)

· with photographic evidence of your divergent and convergent thinking included, and
· a cover page w/ all group member names (first & last names please)
2. A nicely designed ‘One-pager’ pitch document
clearly describing the
· Issue – a problem to address
· Innovative Solution– to improve things at Sheridan
· Upsides and risks – The up- and down-sides of the idea
· Spark of Creativity – how the idea is original and useful = creative
3. A brief PowerPoint pitch (think Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den)

· Convincing a group of imaginary funders that they should fund your idea
· Including the above-mentioned aspects in your one-pager

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